Taking a sabbatical

As my family rests in Honduras, I’ve decided to take a personal sabbath from blogging so that I can spend more time here reading, writing for other projects, and just resting and spending quality, undivided time with my family.  The only exception may be some “Deep Thoughts” that come my way during our time in Honduras.  “Light from the Darke” will return in full force during the week of August 19.

Don’t fret, though, Becca will continue to blog about our time here at darkesidehonduras.wordpress.com, and her updates are always a treat (even for me – and I’m “living the blog” with her).  And I’ll be posting pictures from our trip on my Facebook page (facebook.com/phildarke).

One more thing . . . take a look at this video about Providence if you haven’t already.  It gives some glimpses into what God is doing in and through Providence in Honduras and around the world.

Looking forward to continuing our conversation in August!