Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 4

DeepThoughts1) Kirsten (age 4) (with disappointment, showing Becca a piece of “artwork” from preschool): “Mommy, the kids at school say that I scribble.  Do I scribble?”

Becca: “Yeah, sometimes you do.  That looks like you scribbled.”

Kirsten: “That’s not scribbling.  It’s just fast coloring.”


2) Malia (age 11) (with disgust during dinner, looking at several stains on Drew’s shirt): “Drew, what is that on your shirt?”

Drew (age 9) (with a big smile and some pride): “My art project.”


And now, a blast from the past to make you think a bit.  One of the first “Deep Thoughts & Questions” from December 2009 – a conversation between Drew and Malia, when they were 6 and 8, respectively.

3) Drew: “It’s so weird, I’m thinking about what the world would look like if God weren’t here.  I mean it couldn’t just be white because there would be nothing.”

Malia: “Yeah, where are we?  Before God made the Earth there was nothing, and then “poof,” we’re here.”

Drew: “Yeah, where did God come from since he wasn’t born?  What was here before God made the planets?”

Malia: “Yeah, where is God?  Where is heaven?”

Drew (with confidence): “Oh, I know.  He is way out there, way beyond all the planets.”

**Of course, I had answers to all of these softball questions. . . . And the answers were all the same: “I don’t know, but we can ask God all of them when we get to heaven.”