Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 17

DeepThoughts(1) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (in the middle of a discussion about inner and outer beauty during a reading of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”)): “People can be both pretty and nice, right?  Like mommy.”

As a you might imagine, that racked up some serious points with mommy — not that he needed any more points with mommy.


(2) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (distraught before going to bed): “How were we made?”

Upon further discussion, I realized that a discussion of the “birds and the bees” was not in order, as he was referring to the beginning of time — meaning how were Adam and Eve made, and where did God come from.  Not the first time he has asked such questions and won’t be the last. Ah, to have the mind of a thinker — if you don’t have such a mind, consider it a blessing.


(3) (Tribute to Father’s Day last Sunday) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (during a devotional talking about orphans): “Everyone has a daddy because God is our father.”