Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 16

DeepThoughts(1) Kirsten (6/11 – 2 years old) (after Malia asked me about a couple of shots that her teammate took during her soccer tournament): “Mamia (a/k/a Malia), does it hurt when your team gives you a shot?”

Yet another example of the difficulties in learning the English language.  Can’t wait for her to get fluent in Spanglish during our time in Honduras.


(3) Drew (2/10 – 7 years old) (more of a story, in honor of our upcoming “family time” in Honduras): While I was in Honduras on a trip, Drew wanted to go on Google Earth to see where I was and hopefully see me (he doesn’t quite understand yet that GE is not in real-time).

So, he proceeded to show Becca how to use it and typed the only search that made sense to type:

“See my daddy.”

Strangely, the search didn’t work.


(2) Drew (3/10 – 7 years old):  “I think that the weathermen just guess.”

Source: BYU

Source: BYU


(4) Drew (12/10 – 7 years old) (after getting home from a gymnastics class, where he was surprised that guys did gymnastics and was more surprised that they were really athletic guys): “Dad, the guy did the splits and he didn’t even cry.”


That always shocks me, too.  I just don’t know how guys can do the splits. It just isn’t natural.