Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions: Volume 15

DeepThoughts1) Kirsten (6/3/13 – Age 4) (with surprise): “Our bodies have roots?”

Malia: “Yeah, Kirsten, on our teeth.”

RootsKirsten (still confused): “So is there dirt in them?”

Great, logical question given her limited knowledge of roots.


2) Malia (5/11 – Age 9): “Why do we dream when we go to sleep?


3) Drew (12/09 – Age 6): “If you love Jesus when you’re little and don’t love Jesus when you’re an adult, will you still go to Heaven?”


4) In anticipation of your summer road-trips . . .

Drew (7/10 – Age 7) (before I even pulled the van out of our garage in Folsom before our road trip to Southern California):  “Dad, we’re already carsick.”