Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 13

DeepThoughts(1) Kirsten (4/25/13 – age 4): “I want to be a famous baker.  Or a famous eater.”  (yep, she’s my girl)

(2) Drew (Jan. 2010 – age 6): “How could a mommy and daddy have a baby before they are married?”  (try answering that loaded, multi-faceted question to a six-year-old boy)

(3) Drew (Feb. 2010 – age 7):  During devotional, when asked the question, “How is Paul like your parents?,” Drew answered, “Paul is not even close to you guys!” (talking to Becca and me).

So of course I (Phil) asked how Paul is different from us.  He proceeded to look at me with exasperation and respond, “Well, he didn’t marry mom, and he is way old — like from the 1980’s.”

When questioned about the date, he corrected himself and said, “Oh yeah, I mean the 1880’s.”