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Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 12 (Brotherly love edition)

DeepThoughts(1) Drew (in 2010 – age 7) (in an effort to console Savannah (age 4) after she had a little “accident” in the van): “When I pee my pants, I just pretend that I just got out of the swimming pool.”

If you know Drew, you know that he was not just empathizing, but sharing “big-brotherly wisdom.”


(2) Drew (age 7) (while watching the Holland-Slovakia 2010 World Cup game with Kirsten (22-month old) and “explaining” to her how to know who is winning by looking at the score in the upper right corner of the screen (showed “NED 2 / SVK 0” at the time)): “So, Kirsten, you just look up there (pointing at the TV) and it tells you the score.  Like now, the Neds are beating the Svooks 2-0.”

As you might imagine, Kirsten was not any closer to understanding how to know the score of a soccer game after Drew’s advice.  And the mere fact that Drew was trying to teach a 22 month old how to watch soccer still makes me laugh.


smarties(3) Savannah (age 6) (very animated describing something her teacher taught her): “Mrs. A told us today that smoking is bad and our lungs and insides will turn black if we do it.”

Drew (age 8) (very quickly and even more animated than his sister): “Yeah Savannah, that is true.  Smoking ANYTHING is bad for you . . . except Smarties.”

Apparently, “smoking” the Smarties candy has replaced the old cigarette gum that dominated my childhood.  I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how the kids are “smoking” them.


(4) Drew (age 8, when Justin, our fifth, was 6 months old): “Are we going stick with this 5 kids thing?”


I’d love to hear your kids’ (or your) “deep thoughts and questions.”  Leave a comment to share your nuggets.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 11 (Orphan Care Edition)

DeepThoughtsThis volume is dedicated to Drew’s take on all things orphan care . . .

1) Drew (age 7) (during a family devotional on Philippians 4:6-7 (“Do not be anxious about anything . . .”), in a confused state): “But if we don’t worry about anything, why would anybody help the poor and others who need our help?”

Try explaining to a 7 year old the difference between healthy fear and concern, and unhealthy anxiety.  He definitely has kept us on our toes over the years.


2) Drew (age 7) (during a family devotional talking about orphans): “Everyone has a daddy because God is our father.”


3) Savannah (age 6): “What is adoption?”

Becca (Mom): “Ask Drew, he can tell you.  Drew, explain adoption to Savannah.”

Drew (age 8) (with confidence): “It’s when people buy a kid.”

Apparently we didn’t do a good enough job discussing the basics of orphan care with our kids.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 9

DeepThoughtsPiggy-backing on last week, I’m sharing some more classics from Drew’s sixth year with you today.

These beauties are from December ’09-February ’10.


1)  Drew (a few months into his first and only year of homeschooling): “Mom, I don’t want you to homeschool me in high school, college, or the pros.”  (Keep thinking big, Drew)



2) Drew: “Will we have to go to the bathroom in heaven?”


3) Drew (in 12/09, age 6) (excitedly, after making a gingerbread house): “If we lived in a gingerbread house and were gingerbread men, we could eat ourselves.”

Malia (age 8, already bursting Drew’s bubble): “I wouldn’t want to eat myself.”

Drew (a bit bummed): “Yeah, me neither.”


4) A little story during this season of Lent:

In 2010, Drew decided to sacrifice quite a bit for Lent, as he decided to give up “people taking pictures of him.”

When reminded that he would therefore have no pictures of himself at his birthday party that year, he then chose to give up “School” for Lent.  When told that was not an option, he returned to his initial “sacrifice” and apparently was OK with no pictures on his birthday.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 8

DeepThoughtsThis week takes a trip back to 2009 and early 2010, when Drew was 6 and had some interesting and deep things already going on in his head.

1) Mom (to Drew after school): “Do you like history?”

Drew: “Yeah, but I don’t think it’s true.  I mean, the people weren’t there.  They don’t know it happened.”

Interesting social commentary from a 6-year-old mind.


2) Drew: “When I get older I want to have 1 million kids and 100 wives”

He is going to be one busy dude. He must have been reading the OT stories about Solomon.


3) Drew: “Are there TVs in Texas?”

Dad: “Of course Drew — why would you think that there weren’t TVs?”

Drew: “Because they are all cowboys and indians there”

Had to throw this one in for all my proud Texan friends out there.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 7

DeepThoughts1) Kirsten (age 4) (pointing to the fire station the other day): “Mommy, I know why they have the American idol over there.  Not the American idol of the singing and dancing kind but that American idol (pointing to the American flag).  Our allegiance is to the American idol.”

1967American_flagThink about that for awhile.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Oh, the unintentional insights from the mouths of babes.


2) Drew (age 7 – 2010) (in the middle of a conversation about the Orphan Summit conference I had recently attended): “How do kids get to be orphans if their parents aren’t dead?

Me: “Well, there mommies and daddies could give them away because they can’t or don’t want to take care of them. Or the court could say that the parents have to give away their kid because they are not able to be good mommies and daddies. There are a couple different ways.”

Drew: “You’d never give us away, would you?”

Me: “Of course not, Drew.  We’d never do that.”

Drew (chuckling): “Yeah, that would be weird. Because then I’d be in Honduras at the orphanage and you’d come down to work and see me.  And I’d be like, ‘Hey Dad!’   That would be funny.” (laughing)