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Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 19

DeepThoughtsHere are a few nuggets from our first week in Honduras:

1) Becca (during our drive from the airport to the hotel last week): “Kirsten, put your seatbelt on.”

Kirsten (age 4): “I don’t need a seatbelt . . . I just need to hold on.”

Little did she know that she would be “holding on” all summer long in our Land Cruiser since it doesn’t have seat belts in back – when in Honduras . . .


2) Me (driving into our driveway, smelling something similar to a dirty diaper (but Justin’s wasn’t dirty)): “Drew, was that you?”

Drew: “No, I think it is the mangoes.”

Lovin’ how he already has immersed into the culture and is blaming new things : )


(3) Savannah (age 8) (while talking about what we think about Honduras): “The only thing I’m afraid of is dying.”

Good to know.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 18

DeepThoughtsIn honor of our several week excursion to Honduras that started yesterday, I’m re-posting some classic past “thoughts and questions” relating to La Providencia and/or my past trips to Honduras:

1) (6/2010 – Drew 7 years old/Kirsten ~ 2 years old) (Quoting an e-mail I received from Becca during one of my trips to La Providencia): “Drew is cracking me up. I soundly tuned into this heavy breathing that I was hearing and it’s Drew doing a “stairs” workout and laps in the house. Of course, Kirsten is following suit. His “pre-stairs” warmup consisted of push-ups and sit ups (he actually did a decent job). He’ s just declared that he has run around the house 30 times and has decided to now do 40 times. I asked him why and he said, “I just wanted to do some exercise b/c I want to get STRONG!” He’s hysterical.

Now imagine Kirsten doing pushups, situps, and stairs (she only fell down twice b/c she was going to too fast).”


2) Drew (2/2010 – 7 years old): To give you a bit more insight into his mind, here is Drew’s e-mail to me when I was in Honduras:

“Dear  Dad, I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  much. I hope you are having good time in Honduras. I hope we can play football and Kirsten just went potty in the toilet.
love, Drew”


3) Drew (5/2010 – 7 years old) (in the middle of a conversation about the Orphan Summit conference I had recently attended): “How do kids get to be orphans if their parents aren’t dead?

Phil: “Well, there mommies and daddies could give them away because they can’t or don’t want to take care of them. Or the court could say that the parents have to give away their kid because they are not able to be good mommies and daddies. There are a couple different ways.”

Drew: “You’d never give us away, would you?”

Phil: “Of course not, Drew.  We’d never do that.”

Drew (chuckling): “Yeah, that would be weird. Because then I’d be in Honduras at the orphanage and you’d come down to work and see me.  And I’d be like, ‘Hey Dad!’   That would be funny.” (laughing)

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 17

DeepThoughts(1) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (in the middle of a discussion about inner and outer beauty during a reading of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”)): “People can be both pretty and nice, right?  Like mommy.”

As a you might imagine, that racked up some serious points with mommy — not that he needed any more points with mommy.


(2) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (distraught before going to bed): “How were we made?”

Upon further discussion, I realized that a discussion of the “birds and the bees” was not in order, as he was referring to the beginning of time — meaning how were Adam and Eve made, and where did God come from.  Not the first time he has asked such questions and won’t be the last. Ah, to have the mind of a thinker — if you don’t have such a mind, consider it a blessing.


(3) (Tribute to Father’s Day last Sunday) Drew (6/10 – Age 7) (during a devotional talking about orphans): “Everyone has a daddy because God is our father.”

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions – Volume 16

DeepThoughts(1) Kirsten (6/11 – 2 years old) (after Malia asked me about a couple of shots that her teammate took during her soccer tournament): “Mamia (a/k/a Malia), does it hurt when your team gives you a shot?”

Yet another example of the difficulties in learning the English language.  Can’t wait for her to get fluent in Spanglish during our time in Honduras.


(3) Drew (2/10 – 7 years old) (more of a story, in honor of our upcoming “family time” in Honduras): While I was in Honduras on a trip, Drew wanted to go on Google Earth to see where I was and hopefully see me (he doesn’t quite understand yet that GE is not in real-time).

So, he proceeded to show Becca how to use it and typed the only search that made sense to type:

“See my daddy.”

Strangely, the search didn’t work.


(2) Drew (3/10 – 7 years old):  “I think that the weathermen just guess.”

Source: BYU

Source: BYU


(4) Drew (12/10 – 7 years old) (after getting home from a gymnastics class, where he was surprised that guys did gymnastics and was more surprised that they were really athletic guys): “Dad, the guy did the splits and he didn’t even cry.”


That always shocks me, too.  I just don’t know how guys can do the splits. It just isn’t natural.

Drew’s Deep Thoughts & Questions: Volume 15

DeepThoughts1) Kirsten (6/3/13 – Age 4) (with surprise): “Our bodies have roots?”

Malia: “Yeah, Kirsten, on our teeth.”

RootsKirsten (still confused): “So is there dirt in them?”

Great, logical question given her limited knowledge of roots.


2) Malia (5/11 – Age 9): “Why do we dream when we go to sleep?


3) Drew (12/09 – Age 6): “If you love Jesus when you’re little and don’t love Jesus when you’re an adult, will you still go to Heaven?”


4) In anticipation of your summer road-trips . . .

Drew (7/10 – Age 7) (before I even pulled the van out of our garage in Folsom before our road trip to Southern California):  “Dad, we’re already carsick.”